Entropia Partners: I've made 100's of peds so far and been paid!

Entropia Partners: I've made 100's of peds so far and been paid!
Great for earning additional peds if you need them! Faster than sweating!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Crafting: How Many Peds Do I Need To Start With?

Well... I decided this is an important thing to mention. Volatility will make or break you in a hurry if you have a small amount of Peds. The larger your Ped balance, the less volatile your results will be crafting. The general rule of thumb is, you want to be able to set up a 1,000 click run or 2,000 clicks. So... If you are doing basic filters, you would need approximately 50 to 100 peds. But if you are doing say, basic sheet metal, you would want to have around 400 to 800 peds. I would not advise trying costly items such as amps without having at least 2K peds to play with, and being able to afford losing them if your results are not spectacular.

If you follow my above guideless of 1K to 2K clicks and just keep cycling everything at the end of your run, you should find some good results. However, if your crafting starts out cold, switch areas until you get some successes in the first few clicks. I have found a cold area usually stays cold. If you can't get any successes anywhere, log off for a short amount of time and then log back in. If your failures ARE the result of a system glitch, there is no way MA would ever admit to it, and I relog just to err on the side of caution.

Also, avoid doing anything at around I think 5AM mindark time... They seem to do their backups around then and loot ALWAYS goes to zero for me during "lag o clock".

Good luck and happy hoffing!

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